Program Funding and Sustainability Webinar: Part One

Part One of the Program Funding and Sustainability Webinar Series focused on Program Funding. This webinar provided an overview of Federal Funds that can be leveraged for Afterschool and Summer Learning. Panelists highlighted program funding strategies and feature afterschool and summer learning program providers, city and district leadership.

Webinar Participants:

Lucas Held, Wallace Foundation

Sean Palmer, EducationCounsel

Scott Worley, Education Counsel

Erik Peterson, Afterschool Alliance

Katie Landes, Georgia Statewide Afterschool

Steve Card, Georgia Recreation and Park Association

Caroline Shaw, Tulsa Public Schools

Nicole Miller, Vermont Afterschool, Inc.

Brandis Stockman, National League of Cities

Sheronda Witter Fleming, PhD, U.S. Department of Education

Webinar Resources:

Webinar Slides

Building, Sustaining, Improving: Using federal funds for summer learning and afterschool; a guide for providers, school districts, and intermediaries