CBO or Program Provider Looking for Support

The Afterschool Alliance ARP site has background on ARP funding in your community and tools to help you reach out to school districts.

The Afterschool Alliance funding database has more than 100 sources of funding for afterschool and summer learning programs.

Check with your state afterschool network for resources and tips for your area.

The National Summer Learning Association offers training and support for program providers to plan, train staff, prepare, and measure effectiveness for the coming summer. Sessions and workshops include Program Planning, Program Management, Positive Youth Development, and Summer Starts in September Program Planning. Thoughtfully planned summer programs with well-trained staff members can offer young people an enriching summer experience, better preparing them to be successful in college, career, and life.

Join the National Summer Learning Association’s free Professional Summer Learning Communities (PSLC). Planned, led, and facilitated by expert out-of-school time program providers quarterly, the PSLCs convene to train youth development staff through networking, webinars, national conferences, professional development and tools. Communities include:

Environment & Outdoor
New Vision for Summer Schools
Public and Affordable Housing
Special Populations
Libraries and Literacy
Health & Fitness
Arts Education
Youth Employment & Internships
College Access & Summer MELT
Research & Evidence
Health Sciences

Reach out to your local elected officials about the city’s ARP investments in afterschool and summer learning programs. Find out if your community is making investments using the National League of Cities’ interactive map. Many cities have not determined their investment strategy yet, so connect with your mayor and city council members to make the case for why afterschool and summer programs are worthy investments right now using messaging and data from these Afterschool and Summer Learning Briefs.